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Welcome to my web site, whose main theme is my greatest passion – nature photography.

On this site you will find pictures of birds, pictures of mammals, pictures of landscapes and other photographs of the nature, which I am pleased to be the author.


Photographs of the nature published on this website are the result of a meeting at some point of my life, completely separate and independent interests - passion for photography and nature, especially wildlife.


On this website will be systematically presented the results of my passion for nature observation, combined with wearing a backpack with photographic equipment. This will be the final effects of sleepless nights, nuisance frost, dust, mud, poured sweat, countervalued by the view of the rising sun over the sedges, the morning mists swirling in the river valleys and over mountain peaks, hoarfrost on the grass tooting, a drop of dew on the grass or cobweb, up to the possibility of extremely close contact with wild nature and the recording of the proverbial "photographic film" sometimes funny, sometimes strange and sometimes unpredictable behavior and interactions of species occurring in the nature.



The vast majority of animal images presented on this web site was made with a variety types of hides, which are more or less perfect and technically advanced, but in colloquial slang of wildlife photographers called vigils.


People who are interested of nature photography in Poland also from the backstage I would like to invite to visit photo GALLERY section, because my nature image gallery includes also this kind of photographs, documenting scenes of the exercise of such images.


Simultaneously I would like to thank you for the many friendly people whose knowledge, support and sometimes selfless help were necessary to create many of the images presented here.


I would like to stress that my passion seen through the prism of his passion for nature and the never-ending competition with it - fair play competition. Competition, which is becoming increasingly difficult, but it is also the one that most attracts, motivates and compels ever new sacrifices, sets a new and almost always more difficult goals. This glove I never hesitate to pick up ...

Remember also that just pressing the shutter button on the our camera is the simplest thing, a fraction of a second, the culmination of our ingenuity, perseverance, perseverance, motivation, traveled hundreds of miles, and sometimes ordinary, hard, physical work.



When I look into my own nature photo gallery, almost always runs through my head whispering the same thought, "it was worth it personally see and experience", and live so that we were the last ones who can watch such moments and to live in the real world. We have the impact on these facts in our everyday life …


Mariusz Pomaski







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In accordance with the provisions of the Act of 14 Feb. 1994 on copyrights, all rights to photographs published on thos website are the property of the author. Coping and distributing them in any form without permission is prohibited. .




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